We welcome you to the Democratic Republic of Congo

also known as Congo/Kinshasa, Africa’s third-largest country with a population of around 70,000,000 people. Formerly known as Zaire, and in colonial days as the Belgian Congo, most of the country has recovered from decades of civil war and now is on the peaceful road to prosperity. Only a narrow corridor in the eastern part of the country remains difficult. The government is stable and foreign investment is growing due to the abundant natural resources and sizeable labor force. French is the official language, although English is becoming more widespread.  

TP 1. Kinshasa 7 day Tour

Kinshasa is the third largest city on the African continent; compared to Johannesburg it has the equal size. Vibrant city of sharp contrasts. Commercial affluence popular about 10 millions.  The two main languages spoken are Lingala and French. Kinshasa is […]

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One-Day Excursion to the Kisantu

One-Day Excursion to the Kisantu Botanical Garden and Mbanza Ngungu:  Located in yet another direction c. 130 kilometers from Kishasa, this is a natural garden housing flora from everywhere in the world. The Inkinsi River flows through the garden and […]

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Excursion to Mbombo Lumene

Located about 135 kilometers (c. 95 miles) from Kinshasa city center, Mbombo Lumene is a wonderful area for observing flora and fauna. Mbombo and Lumene are the names of two rivers. Here is a wonderful opportunity to relax, picnic, hike, […]

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Excursion to Zongo Waterfalls

 Located 130 kilometers (c. 90 miles) from Kinshasa, an early morning pick-up will take you through spectacular scenery to eh Zongo Waterfalls. Water spews forth from the mountains and falls on rocks 65 meters (more than 200 feet). The park […]

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