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TP 6 : Tiger Fishing In Drcongo

TIGER FISHING IN  DRCONGO Mbenga tiger fish can be found especially in DR Congo. On trouble water movement the black river “’Mayi Ndombe” is entering the Majestic Congo River.  You will discover five distinct species of Tiger fish found in […]

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TP 5 : 08 Days Tours with Pygmy’s Villages

We adapt this as for well known travel ways; you have to understand that the trip has got an adventurous character in very back land forest .All transfer are made by jeeps and pirogue (traditional dug out equipped with canoe) […]

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One-Day Excursion to the Kisantu

One-Day Excursion to the Kisantu Botanical Garden and Mbanza Ngungu:  Located in yet another direction c. 130 kilometers from Kishasa, this is a natural garden housing flora from everywhere in the world. The Inkinsi River flows through the garden and […]

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Excursion to Mbombo Lumene

Located about 135 kilometers (c. 95 miles) from Kinshasa city center, Mbombo Lumene is a wonderful area for observing flora and fauna. Mbombo and Lumene are the names of two rivers. Here is a wonderful opportunity to relax, picnic, hike, […]

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